Daily Activities at the Mandir

Puja (Worship)

Our priest conducts daily pujas in the shrines. The scholarly pandits add spirituality and vitality to the Mandir by conducting all Hindu utsavas (festivals) and pujas in the rich agama tradition. The Vedic mantra vibrations and the melodious bhajans (hymns) conducted in the Mandir, day in and day out, attract divine congregations from far and near.

All Indian festivals are celebrated in the Mandir in a traditional, authentic manner.


01 The Mandir undertakes cultural, religious and social activities, as well as women's and youth activities.

02 The resident priest can prepare/read horoscopes, provide astrological and palmistry predictions.

03 The Mandir shop sells traditional Indian clothes and puja items.

04 The Mandir Community Arts Centre provides a major contribution to the Indian and Sri Lankan community arts in the ACT.

05 Classes for teaching Indian languages and bhajans - Sanskrit, Hindi and Tamil are held at the Mandir.

06 The Mandir provides hall facilities for community activities.