A Brief History

Welcome to the website of the Vishnu Shiva Mandir & Library, located in Mawson, a suburb of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory.

The Mandir is operated by the Mandir Society of Australia Incorporated, a not-for-profit society incorporated in 1989. The society had existed informally since 1979 and resolved to build a Mandir in 1986.

The Mandir is for people to pray, meditate and perform community activities, as well as hosting a public library focusing on South Asian literature and culture.

The picturesque national capital of Australia is bestowed with serenity and divinity by the Vishnu Siva Mandir. Founded in the true traditions of ancient Saiva and Vaishnava agama (traditions), this holy shrine stands as a beacon of Hindu religion, spreading the messages of Bhakti (devotion) and Vedanta (Hindu philosophy).

The Maha Kumbhabhishekam (Consecration ceremony) of this Mandir was conducted by the renowned Agama Pandit Dr. T. S. Sambamurthi Sivachariar on 1 June 1997. The Maha Kumbhabhishekam ceremony, which was publicised in the national and international media, was conducted in the presence of the Hon. John Howard MP, the Prime Minister of Australia.

The Mandir has been founded by Mr. Niranjan Aggarwal (one of the trustees) and his family.

The word Mandir literally means a centre of learning. Another meaning of the word is gladdening. Learning and worship are the activites that gladden us and make us more human.

The design of the Mandir includes four ornate and towering Vimanas (domes) in the true Dravidian style, with fortyfour pillars, intricately carved inside and outside the building, depicting scenes from Hindu mythology. The imposing presence of the Papa Vinashini 'Gangotri' fountain in the entrance has served as an added attraction to the treasures of the National Capital of Australia.

The completion of this Mandir is a concrete proof that God very much exists and controls the affairs of this universe. Without His active support, we could not have overcome all the hurdles.