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Why and how to reach our Temple

Vishnu Shiva mandirIf you are a Hindu, the Mandir is a place for worship, for scholarly pursuits and meetings, a centre of culture, Yoga and meditation activities, and a place in which to celebrate festivals and weddings. It is a place to help you lead a complete life - spiritually and mentally. We cannot live by bread alone.

If you are not a Hindu, it is a place to interact with Hindus and learn about their beliefs and culture. It is evidence of the sense of eternity in all human beings. It is a stimulating heritage for future generations.



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Sadhu (Saint) who is invited by the king to stay overnight, Sadhu does not stay in anybody’s house, but the king pleaded Sadhu to come & stay. Sadhu came to Palace and ate the food, slept in the palace and there was a necklace which was hung in the room, and Sadhu being the monk felts robing the necklace, now the monk was confused, I never robbed in my life, why I am getting thoughts to rob the necklace ? But he was justifying his thoughts by saying, the king is so rich, by taking one necklace will not affect the king, anyway he may give more than the necklace, finally he took the necklace and next day went away justifying the king is not going to become poorer if he take the necklace.
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