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Vishnu Shiva mandirIf you are a Hindu, the Mandir is a place for worship, for scholarly pursuits and meetings, a centre of culture, Yoga and meditation activities, and a place in which to celebrate festivals and weddings. It is a place to help you lead a complete life - spiritually and mentally. We cannot live by bread alone.

If you are not a Hindu, it is a place to interact with Hindus and learn about their beliefs and culture. It is evidence of the sense of eternity in all human beings. It is a stimulating heritage for future generations.



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Balastavat kreeda saktaha, Tarunastavat Taruneesaktaha, Vriddhastaavat chintasaktaha Parame brahmani kopina saktaha | This verse is addressing our emotional attachments. We spend our childhood attached to toys,games, our youth dreaming of moonlit romances, and our old age in worrying about the worry, thinking of all problems during old age. We spend our entire lives getting attached to things that only bind us to the world. And in the end, we ignore the one thing that we really need to pursue, Atman, the Divinity within.
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