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Why and how to reach our Temple

Vishnu Shiva mandirIf you are a Hindu, the Mandir is a place for worship, for scholarly pursuits and meetings, a centre of culture, Yoga and meditation activities, and a place in which to celebrate festivals and weddings. It is a place to help you lead a complete life - spiritually and mentally. We cannot live by bread alone.

If you are not a Hindu, it is a place to interact with Hindus and learn about their beliefs and culture. It is evidence of the sense of eternity in all human beings. It is a stimulating heritage for future generations.



Our Location


A king had four wives, the first wife he neglected the most, 2nd wife he took her where the family functions , get to gather etc, 3rd wife – he used to take for parties, social gatherings etc. and 4th wife he was with her for pleasure and entertainment, fun etc. Now as he became old and old, one day he about to die, he called the 4th wife and asked as you have given so much of pleasure and fun, will you accompany me after the death, she said –coming with you means end of pleasure and no pleasure after, my pleasure is here and therefore I’ll not come with you. She discarded the king.
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